About Felicia

My name is Felicia Kiessling and I’m a 2d illustrator, painter and animator. I studied Animation 2D at the HKU and graduated in 2019. I usually work digitally in Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and TvPaint.

I think it’s interesting to observe and portray people. There I pay attention to the environment in which the persons are situated. By using colors, I paint an atmosphere that captures the image of the story. The environment tells a lot about the personality of the main character: how does she live? What choices has she made and why? Especially the authenticity of this portrait appeals to me.

My art is inspired by anime. And while I like to draw characters and environments as realistic as possible, I exaggerate colors to communicate emotions or details. Pictures and images of people and environments are my point of reference. Combining these with my own ideas creates new images. Furthermore, I leave out things that distract from the story and add details where necessary. I paint situations and people that I see on a daily base and draw them digitally. 

Daily life is my main source of inspiration which I creative combine with my own ideas.

I hope to create images that are appealing to viewers because they can recognize them and feel a sense of connection.

Felicia Kiessling